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Tony Greco

Tony GrecoExecutive Producer

After 15 years of producing corporate events, it took a stint at running his own non-event company for six years for Tony to realize how much he enjoyed, and missed, producing live events. At least he can say that all the lessons he learned in running his own company paid off. (Now, if only he could remember what those lessons were…)

With over 20 years of experience, Tony brings to all his projects an understanding of working with corporate executives and helping them craft their message to consumers, employees, shareholders and other audiences. He strongly respects budgets and deadlines, and is dedicated to making the relationship with the client as enjoyable and productive as possible, even under tight, tight deadlines.

Tony’s wife of 30 years, along with two children who are old enough to be living anywhere but are still under his roof, force him to do non-work related activities like skiing, kayaking, bike riding, and all forms of wine exploration. (He especially enjoys writing about himself in the third person.)