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Richard Bell

Richard BellPartner

Rich is an athlete. The relentless pursuit of perfection drives him both at work and outside of work. He doesn’t rest unless he delivers a flawless performance for a client.

When he’s producing a live event, he loves working with the client to ensure the message connects with the audience in the most innovative, unexpected ways.

He’s a problem solver and the consummate professional. Working with clients, he oversees the set design, the event flow, the sound, lighting, speakers and entertainment, all of which ensure he’s fast on his feet, decisive, and calm under pressure.

Although he fell into the event production business, it suits his personality perfectly, and he often wonders if he chose this business or if it chose him.

We admire Rich’s determination at work and as a skier, triathlete, marathon runner, gym rat, deeply addicted golfer, and best of all, one great dad.