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Jeremy Driesen

Jeremy DriesenPartner

Jeremy has been connecting with audiences since he was a teenager. Whether behind the scenes producing an event, or back in his days as a touring rock drummer, he gets a thrill from the AHA! moment when the intended message and the audience click. He credits his drumming career with teaching him the art of survival vis a vis providing first-class service to clients.

He brings the same approach to his role as President and Partner at Ray Bloch Productions, and he expects the same from the Ray Bloch Productions team. Overseeing client services and the day-to-day and financial operations of the company, Jeremy is committed to a strong work ethic and doing everything with integrity.

Jeremy often takes his messages on the road and has spoken at Harvard Business School, Berklee College of Music, Harvard University, New York University, and George Washington University.

It may come as a surprise that in addition to drumming whenever he can, Jeremy is a pretty amazing photographer, in addition to being a devoted husband and father.