Meet Tony!

  • February 27, 2015 by Ray Bloch Productions

How did you get into the business?
At 13 years old I changed my name from Anthony to Tony. I had suddenly realized that Anthony had 3 syllables and all the other cool names had 2 syllables and ended in a “y”. I was too frightened to tell my family about the name change, as I was named after the patron saint of meatballs (meatballs were/are important in the Greco household).

rockin-e1424745275579-760x1024What does your wife call you?
She calls me Bart.

What does any of this have to do with you getting into the Events Business?
I’m wondering that too. I’m still hoping that a hidden moment will occur very soon, and then it will all make sense (If I miss it, please let me know).

How about kids? Do you have any?
Yes, I have two large adult children. Getting back to my story… the kids came along forty predictable weeks later and they needed shoes. So getting a job seemed like a reasonable way to afford such luxuries. There was no stopping me at that point – except for the job part.

And how did you come to Ray Bloch Productions?
I came upon an ad in the phonebook (a precursor to hashtag jokes), which told a beautiful story of a wise man named Jeremy who had created a company that produces extraordinary meetings, conferences and events. Luckily, Jeremy needed an Executive Producer who was interested in trading his/her time in exchange for kids’ shoes…end of story.

Well… it’s better than if I had told you I studied production in college and worked my way up from Production Assistant to Executive Producer, and ended up a great place like Ray Bloch Productions… a company that allows (forces) me to share a silly spiel with the fine people who read their blog, isn’t it? Maybe not.