Galas & Fundraisers

Galas & Fundraisers

Galas and fundraisers can range from an intimate gathering to an enormous event with thousands of people. When planning a fundraising event or gala, the development and delivery of the message has to be done with precision, so that the client can meet their objective. It takes expert production, talent management, innovation, and sensitivity to create a meaningful event that will help you achieve your fundraising goals.


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What they’re saying

"Thank you for your super pre-production efforts and expert execution. The RBP team rolled with the punches and did their absolute best to make our vision a reality. Thanks for “kicking it up a notch” from our original plans. We achieved our goal of involving RBP to ensure a high production value – and then some!" Foundation executive


  • Event Planning and Design
  • Creative and Thematic Development
  • Scripting
  • Scenic Design and Décor
  • Production Management
  • Technical Management
  • A/V and Staging
  • Venue Research and Booking
  • Media Design and Production
  • Talent Consultation, Booking, Management, and Production
  • Catering Management
  • Logistics Management