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Our Ray Bloch Family

We are an event production company and have been producing live shows for over 60 years. We’ve worked with hundreds of clients from just about every industry you can imagine in venues throughout the world, helping them meet their business objectives through live events. What makes us tick is the connection we forge between our clients and their audiences.

Who is Ray Bloch? Ray Bloch was a musician, composer, arranger, and pianist best known for his work as orchestra conductor for the Ed Sullivan Show. He was a master at understanding the needs of a live audience, and over the years, his vision of connecting with private audiences through headline entertainment resulted in the establishment of Ray Bloch Productions in 1954.


Ray Bloch is always on the lookout for self starters who are hungry for an exciting career in the event industry. We love professionals who bring a sense of adventure, drive, and commitment to our productions.

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